Garden Design

You can waste a lot of time and money if you don’t start with a plan. Katy prides herself on providing the right solution for each client and each.

Katy’s design process involves an initial on-site consultation, followed by a written review of your brief to include a fee proposal.  We can also arrange surveys, meetings with your architects or interior designers if necessary. After your agreement on her proposal, Katy will work with you through a draft copy of the design concept to reach a final design that you’re happy with.

Garden Installation

Katy works with the most experienced landscapers and craftsmen in the UK. These are people she trusts to help deliver your dream garden, ensure best practice and maintain the integrity of your designs. If you prefer to choose your own tradesmen, regular site visits would be required to ensure that your plan is being executed correctly.

Katy provides a plant supply service and our own soft landscaping team to install the green component of your garden.

Garden Maintenance

A good gardener is hard to come by!  We can arrange an on-going maintenance service to help you look after your new garden.  This helps us keep an eye on the development of the garden, ensuring it grows and flourishes as intended. Three or four visits a year could be all that’s required.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of the services.

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